cats: now in technicolor

💕 nice to meet you 💕

i’m rosie, the cat obsessed creator behind fukurōgurō.
i love drawing, staying up late, hanging out with dinky and occasionally finding weird things in the great outdoors.
thank-you for visiting and enjoy your stay!

xx rosie and dinky

  • dinky

    dinky aka “dinky demonspawn” is the small muse behind the black cat pins. she likes belly rubs, chasing bugs and digging up plants.

  • kitten

    kitten is the world’s snooziest girl. when she’s not trying to eat everyone’s food, she’s searching for the sunniest and snuggliest nap spot.

  • molly

    molly is a high energy girl who loves spend her days in the sun. her favourite activity is running fast at the door to get outside.

  • edie

    edie is a mini princess. she loves sparkles, the colour pink and drinking cocopops milk. she even has a framed portrait of herself on the wall.

  • juniper

    juniper is a world class escape artist. if she’s not showing off her tree climbing prowess, she’s planning new ways to scale the roof.

  • pip

    pip is a secret snuggler. while he loves to spend his days prancing around the neighbourhood, all he really wants is a cuddle and ear scratch.

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